20.42 Effective July 1, 2015, a worker who has completed 20 consecutive years of full-time employment at the college and who meets all other pre-retirement conditions under section 20.41, regardless of the date of commitment, is eligible for a period of two years at the latest. The Portland Community College Classified Federation and Portland Community College (the College) have entered into an interim work agreement for the period July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2019. Subject to ratification by the members of the classification federation and subject to the agreement of the college`s board of directors, the parties agree on the following conditions: 3. Changes to the classification of existing classified classifications will only be made on the basis of selective wage adjustments resulting from contract negotiations for an estate agreement, contract opening to negotiate selective wage adjustments or, after notification to the CFCCC, a recommendation from Human Resources for the implementation of such a change. In the event that Human Resources recommends changing the grade of an existing classification or recommending a rating level for a new classification, the CPCFCE Human Resources Department will notify in writing and the association may submit an application to negotiate the proposed level in accordance with ORS 243.698. 6. The Joint Commission on Insured Benefits will be responsible for working in the best interests of the CCP and all its staff, communicating with voters on the issues considered by the Commission and supporting any decisions of the Committee by enlightening their constituents on this matter. . 4. For the purpose of collecting market data, the college relies on published surveys and/or collects data directly from relevant labour market comparison organizations. Market comparisons are made with reference classifications and other jobs for which market data are available. Classifications for which market data are not readily available are aligned with grade levels, based on employment analysis (IEA) within the market framework defined by benchmarks and in other workplaces for which such market data are available.

20.43 Effective July 1, 2015, a worker is eligible for the pre-retirement provisions of the section. A two-year period to participate at the same time, regardless of the date of recruitment, when 20 years of service and age are completed. See article 20.4 below. 20.41 or 20.42 above, people who decide to retire before June 30, 2017 are entitled to receive an additional $130 lump sum per month payment of $270 per month. a. Changes to the section 13 trial period take effect on November 21, 2015. Signing October 10-11, 2002. Language directly from the Classified Agreement, 7/1/2002 until 20 June 2005. 2. The role of the Committee for the Classification of Appeal Procedures (CAC) is limited to decisions that: (a) properly classify the task; (b) that the position be higher ranked in a different but existing classification; or (c) that it is not appropriate to classify existing workstations and that the task should be reassessed by the human resources department.