Complete the EU survey. To do this, you will automatically receive an invitation via email. This is an English-language participation report that the EU has prepared and which all ERASMUS fellows must complete. After completing your studies abroad at the host university, you send a scan of the Confirmation of Stay in pdf form to the International Office via email: Stay confirmation gives the exact dates of the stay at the host university. The daily counting of your promotion is based on confirmed data. The form can only be issued five days before the end of the study. After obtaining a commitment to an ERASMUS study place from your ERASMUS coordinator, complete the ERASMUS online scholarship application (see right) and send it online. In some faculties and institutes (for example. B The Romanesque and English seminars), you must already submit it as part of your application to an ERASMUS place.

Print out the application, sign it and have it signed by your ERASMUS Specialist Coordinator. Submit your paper scholarship application to the International Office of Ruhr University. Your application can only be processed then. After choosing your ERASMUS coordinator for an exchange at a partner university, she appoints you. You will then need to register at the host university as an ERASMUS student. Many universities contact their ERASMUS students by email after their appointment and provide them with information about the registration process. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. That`s why please conduct independent research on the website of your host university`s International Office for information on procedures and registration times for “ERASMUS” guests.

Erasmus Grant Agreement is your agreement on scholarships and is a very important document. It regulates your rights and obligations as an ERASMUS student. That`s why you have to read it carefully. You will receive the grant agreement in two copies in the mail. Please sign a version and submit it within the original time frame (!) to the International Office. Scans cannot be accepted. The second version is for your documents. Find out in due course, at least a year and a half before your stay abroad, about your department`s ERASMUS exchange places at European partner universities. These are on the list of ERASMUS partner universities (see right). The competent erasmus coordinator can advise you on the application process and on the deadlines for submitting applications for ERASMUS exchange places.