7 MEDIATION AND JURISDICTION 7.1 The data importer accepts that the data importer accepts the decision of the person concerned to refer the dispute to mediation by an independent person or, if necessary, by the supervisory authority, if it asserts against it the rights of third-party beneficiaries and/or seeks damages; (b) to refer the dispute to the courts of the Member State in which the data exporter is established.7.2 The parties agree that the decision taken by the person concerned does not infringe on his or her physical or procedural rights of appeal in accordance with other provisions of national or international law. 1.1.4 “Data protection laws” are EU data protection laws and, where appropriate, data protection or data protection legislation from another country; Please complete the form below with an overview of data processing activities within Cubiks GroupData Exporter The data exporter is (please briefly indicate your activities relevant to the transfer) Data importer Data importer is (please briefly indicate your activities relevant to the transfer) BCRs are an attractive alternative for intragroup transmission agreements, and if CSC-based transfers are further reviewed, the benefits of BCR only increase. In addition, global data protection programmes could benefit from BBCRs, not only as an “easier-to-drive” data transfer vehicle, but also to improve operational efficiency and seek the regulatory benefits of the implemented compliance approach. 3.8 Help the subcontractor to ensure compliance with its obligations under applicable legislation regarding the rights of the persons concerned, security, notification of personal data breaches, data protection impact assessments, data deletion or restitution, and prior consultations with supervisory authorities or supervisory authorities. The personal data provided relates to the following categories of persons concerned (precise) Most organizations now have the measure of these rules and are able to enter into contracts with third parties. One area in which they are less coherent is intergroup agreements, i.e. contracts between related companies, companies of the same trading group. The data exporter agrees and guarantees: a) that the processing, including the transfer itself, of personal data has been carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions of the applicable data protection law and is notified (and, if applicable, notified to the competent authorities of the Member State where the data exporter is based and does not violate the relevant provisions of that state; (b) the persons it mandates and, for the duration of personal data processing services, the processing of personal data transmitted only on behalf of the data exporter and in accordance with existing data protection legislation and clauses;c) that the importer of data guarantees sufficient for the technical and organisational security measures covered by Appendix B of this Treaty;d) than after reviewing the requirements of applicable legislation to protect data, security measures are appropriate; Protect personal data from accidental or accidental destruction or accidental loss, tampering, unauthorized disclosure or unauthorized access, especially where processing involves the transfer of data through a network, and from any other form of illicit processing; and that these measures ensure a level of security that is appropriate to the risks associated with the processing and the nature of the data to be protected, given the state of the art and the cost of implementing it; (e) that they ensure compliance with security measures; (f) that, where the transmission has specific categories, the person concerned has been informed, before or as soon as possible, of the transmission of his data to a third country which does not provide adequate protection for the