Add additional safety packs or bike gear that are needed and remember that you cannot exceed the gross monthly salary and that the total value of the goods must not exceed the system`s intended limit. Decide which cycle fits your needs from the packages available in the options brochure. If none of them takes your imagination, you can choose from 100 alternative models available in our online shop. If you get a bike on the bike at work scheme, it is important that you can get in the saddle and drive to work! The extended rental agreement you must sign provides that it is your responsibility to ensure that the bike and equipment are maintained and used safely. The rules established by the Inland Revenue are that once you have accepted a pay victim for the bike rental period, you do not have the option to return to the original salary until the end of the rental period. Therefore, if you have accepted the hiring for 12 or 18 months, you cannot return to the original salary during that period. You will then receive a rental agreement with an explanatory cover letter with the following steps. The cycle-to-work system ceiling is flexible and is set by your employer. Prior to launching the program, we worked closely with Cycle Solutions and stakeholders across the group to ensure that this new benefit was well communicated in all areas of activity.

There comes a time when every fish has to move to a new pond. Or something like that. People leave work for many reasons – what happens next? You must insure the device against theft, fire or accidental damage so that it can be replaced when it no longer works. If it is missing or damaged, you must continue to pay for it. Please contact the company that offers your household insurance and advise you on how to cover your new devices. You can use it for anything you like, but at least 50% of the bike`s use must be for work purposes. No no. Although the scheme was introduced to encourage cycling among those who do not have their own bike, any authorized worker can use the system. Cycle Solutions (Cycle to Work) Limited offers special bike and bike safety packages.

These packages have been carefully selected to ensure you get good value for money. However, Cycle Solutions (Cycle to Work) Limited is capable of supplying more than 500 different bike brands, ranging from budgeted models to high-end mountain bikes, racers and commuter bikes. – The bike and equipment can be returned to Cycle Solutions.