The Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union Local 343 has a long history of representing membership through collective bargaining, complaints, arbitrations and other court proceedings. COPE Local 343 consists of more than 1,600 members and 93 collective agreements across Canada. Local 343 is a self-contained space and the largest LOCAL COPE in Ontario. As such, Local 343 has two seats on the board of directors of COPE Ontario, the service arm of COPE Locals in Ontario. COPE Ontario is a membership-based organization that is part of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) and the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) that gives us millions of dollars in strength, giving our members a voice on all issues affecting workers. The Council`s objective and objective is also to inform workers of the principles and policies of this Union, as well as the benefits and benefits they can derive from collective organisation and bargaining. On June 20, 2004, Canadian members voted in favour of the secession of OPEIU and the creation of the Canadian Union of Workers (COPE). This milestone led to the creation of a dynamic and dynamic Canadian Union, which was in service for nearly 50 years before the restructuring as part of an International Union. Suite 1108 – 555 Richmond Street, P.O. Box 1202 Toronto, Ontario M5V 3B1 Region 2 consists of more than 20 Aboriginal people representing approximately 7,000 workers in various public and private sectors such as health, education, financial services, labour organizations, non-profit and government agencies.

Professional services are provided by the Provincial Council, known as COPE Ontario. COPE members have access to experienced staff representatives, representing them in WSIB cases, arbitration procedures, complaints and negotiations. The structure of our premises is democratic and allows the 343 local members to have a voice by participating in our general assemblies and the Convention, the latter takes place every two years with a general assembly of the year not congressed. The negotiating units within the 343 locals are empowered to elect their representatives to participate in general assemblies and the Convention.