Typical Contract of Work Updated on 02/12/201112:37:31 Model Part-time ContractThis standard contract is intended to help you design an employment contract. It contains the essential elements of a typical contract. You can adapt it to your specific needs and situations. Note that this document is a starting point and not a finished product. You need to make sure that the actual agreement reflects the relationship between you and your employee. The job starts on.. (DD / MM / YYYYY).2. Workplace attribution website .. 3.

Job TitleSecurity Officer Your tasks are .. 4. Basic salary. 4 Sick leave is entitled to medical leave if you have worked with your employer for at least 3 months. As you work 24 hours a week, you are entitled to 22 hours of outpatient sick leave and 66 hours of paid hospitalization (including 22 hours of ambulatory absenteeism) [details, Please note Schedule A] medical consultation fees will be paid if you have worked for at least 3 months with your additional salary (A) work for overtime You work more than 8 hours of work per day or 44 hours of work per week, you are entitled to an additional hourly wage to basic hours of work for each hour of work. The part-time contract – does exactly what it says on the box! This contract takes into account the obligation to provide part-time workers with the same rates of pay and benefits as full-time pro-rata workers. The “Duties” clause allows you to indicate the tasks and responsibilities of the role. Alternatively, you can simply specify that tasks and responsibilities are “defined from time to time by the company” – or simply refer to a separate “job description.” 7 354). The employer insures and provides insurance under one or more approved policies with an insurer against any liability to any worker it employs, as is the case under the other conditions of employment mentioned above. A-3 Type Employment Contract Updated on 02/12/201112:37:3114. The amendments to this agreement are only valid if they are available in writing and have been agreed and signed by the two government agreements, are subject to the laws of AGREEMENT SIGNED AT . .

. ON THIS ONE. DAY OF .. (Signature) (Signature] ] > The Lectric Law Library┬« ” Free Legal Forms ” Employee Part-time or Search The Library 8 Name of Employer: Name of Employee: _____NRIC/ WP No: (Signature)… Witness Name: (optional) A-4 Sample Work Contract Updated on 02/12/201112:37:31 Appendix AInspending full-time work working 8 hours a day for days (44 hours/week). Part-time work is entitled to the following proportional legal benefits. (A) Part-time vacation formula: (No part-time worker is required to work in one week /44 hours) x 8 hours – number of hours of PH If the part-time worker works 24 hours per week,24/44 x 8 hours – st. – hour (rounded to the next 1 decimal point) Pay for PH – No of hours for PH x Gross Hours (B) Part-time Leave valid formula: (number of hours a part-time worker is required to work in one week/44 hours) x 7 days – x 8 hours – number of hours for if the part-time employee works 24 hours per week,24/44 x 7 days x 8 hours – 30.