When it comes to wedding receptions, great food and engaging entertainment will be a top priority for our clients . However, as an event stylist, we know the value of finishing touches for the overall ambiance of the event. Just consider all the ways a well-designed centerpiece can contribute to your event:

• Will be the center of attention at the dinner table—guests have no choice but to spend most of the event gazing into the centerpieces!
• Creates a visual atmosphere that sets the mood for your event
• Ties-together the theme of the event and helps bring it to life
• Acts as icebreakers for guests at events with assigned seating
• Provides an opportunity for individual expression
• Can be souvenirs for guests
• Leaves a lasting impression—good, bad or otherwise!

Below are some of the popular centerpieces we offer at Niche Events.

If you are looking for something classic and elegant then flowers or candles in a bowl on a mirror plate is a simple but very effective look. The flowers or candles can match your colour scheme, and if you want to add a little something extra then some small led lights will make the centrepiece stand out a little more, especially on the evening.

For a more glamorous look we would suggest martini vases. These can be filled with flowers, water with floating candles/flowers. Crystals can be added in as a base to hold flowers in and lights can be added in to add to the effect, Placed on a mirror plate surrounded by tea lights finished off this look perfectly.

For a rustic look log slices have become very popular . A variety of looks and styles can be created using bird cages, lanterns, jars and vases……all filled with flowers look beautiful. If using smaller jars or vases we recommend using candles to fill up the log so it doesn’t look empty.

For a vintage look we  love the idea of using books as a base for vases full of flowers or jars in candles. Vintage china filled with flowers and candles also look so effective to create a vintage vibe.

For a more bling look, these crystal goblets candle holders are really popular with brides to be, the come in various sizes and colours and really do look stunning.

Candelabras are very popular dependent on the venue, they really are elegant and have become very popular for 2017.  These can be left simple with the pillars candles or dressed with flowers too.



The Do and Don’t from our experts :

Go with your theme! If you have a minimalist theme, do not suddenly add an overwhelming centerpiece to your décor. It will completely throw off your style. Plus, with a beautiful matching centerpiece, your entire room will tie together perfectly.

DON’T go too big! A centerpiece that is too large or tall will completely suck the energy out of the room. All eyes will be drawn to the centerpiece, and they will not be able to look anywhere else! It can also seriously stifle conversation at tables. If your centerpieces are too cumbersome, your guests will not be able to easily talk with all of the members of their table, leading to poor conversations and disconnected guests…no one wants that!

DO keep it simple. No matter what your centerpiece is, you do not want to go overboard. Understated and class is best. Even simple centerpieces can be “glammed up” a bit by adding a couple crystals here and there. But again, do not let your centerpiece suck the energy out of your reception space.

DON’T forget to think outside of the box! You do not just have to do flowers for a centerpiece! Branches, lights, candles, even elegant gift boxes make for gorgeous centerpieces. Think about your theme and the ways you can explore through that. You can always get great ideas on Pinterest for some unique ideas!