When you’re planning you wedding, the wedding decor options are endless. From traditional styles to modern bling there’s no real way to go wrong.

We will be looking at the different décor styles available and how to get them right. So our first styling tips will focus on vintage! By adding vintage pieces that you or your friends and family already own, you can have a unique, personal and cost effective-wedding that’s picture perfect.

At the moment it seems vintage style weddings are all I see. Whether there’s just a hint of vintage or the couple are going the whole hog, it certainly looks as though it’s here to stay, at least for a while

  1. If you’re talking ‘vintage’, make sure those around you know what kind of ‘vintage’ you’re talking about. Vintage to one person will be very different to another, particularly if you’re talking to suppliers. Research it carefully and take heed from the next point.
  2. Don’t mix it up. Stick with one theme. Vintage style weddings come in many different guises, and mixing the eras simply won’t work. In fact, it can end up being a disastrous mess. It’s important to ensure that your vintage style is true to its roots, so research it and get it right or bring in a stylist.
  3. Handmade favours are the best. Wrap jars of jam or honey with vintage fabric and a sweet tag.
  4. Vintage Mirror: The old mirror that’s been collecting dust in the back of your closet and use it to welcome guests, display the dinner menu or share your wedding table seating
  5. Vintage Lace Bunting: You can DIY or buy pieces of vintage lace to create a lace bunting. It’s an easy and delicate way to dress up the setting and show off.
  6. Vintage Suitcase: Whether you’re having a travel-themed wedding or going for a whimsical, rustic style, vintage suitcases can help spice up your decor. Use suitcases as containers for the post-ceremony petals, photo booth props, flowers, wedding programs, favors and so much more.
  7. Vintage Tablecloth: Have fabric at home? Vintage fabrics can be used as tablecloths and table runners for the reception. Tulle or organza is especially beautiful when layered over a plain tablecloth.
  8. Vintage themed flowers: Choose a bouquet that speaks to your vintage style. Loose bundles of wildflowers, baby’s breath and craspedia billy balls are charming, while blush pink roses, hydrangeas and dusty miller give an arrangement a more romantic and timeless look.
  9. Vintage Photos: A vintage wedding wouldn’t be complete without a few intimate family details. Whether it’s displaying old family photos on an escort card table, wrapping a piece of lace from your mother’s wedding gown around your bouquet, or finishing off your bridal look with heirloom pearls, incorporating a detail of sentimental value brings a new meaning to the idea of vintage.
  10. Vintage Centerpieces: Neutrals like ivory, silver and beige look beautiful on a vintage tables with pastel accents or colored glass centerpieces. You could also opt for flowerless centerpieces and instead use antique details like stacks of old books, clocks or birdcages.
  11. Vintage desert table: A dessert table is a great opportunity to create a focal point and impress your guests—both with the yummy treats and the amazing décor. Nostalgic cookie jars, antique tables, old school petit fours and other bite size desserts are a welcomed addition to your cake
  12. Vintage Keys: Find vintage keys in markets or peruse Etsy and eBay for them, and then transform them into easy and effortless escort cards.

Vintage style weddings really come to life with the details, so go the extra mile. Create that point of difference, hand-craft, DIY or why not call in one of our Niche stylists. If you’re going to do it, then do it well!Vintage-Wedding-Key-Place-Cards-2