Your guest size is the single biggest factor in determining the cost of your wedding, and in many cases, the venue you can – or cannot – hire.

Unless you’re getting married overseas, almost no-one turns down a wedding invite so you can forget hoping for some drop-outs to get your “B-grade” friends on the list…
Here’s my top tips for cutting your wedding guest list:

No “plus one” for singles
Unless they’re seriously attached, living together or engaged, don’t give free rein for friends to bring virtual strangers who happen to be their current lovers. It rockets your guest numbers and you have no idea how they behave socially.
No long-lost friends
If you haven’t seen a friend in over a year for a coffee, lunch, dinner, movie, BBQ or party, nor heard from them via phone, text, email or letter, no harm done.
No facebook-only friends
We’ve got all them. People we love connecting with on social media but if you’ve never met face-to-face IRL (in real life), you will “like” the fact you have one more space spare by not inviting them.
No tenuous missing links
If you haven’t heard from your second-cousin once-removed (by marriage and/or for drunk and disorderly conduct), save yourself the bother.
No non-lunch co-workers
When you’re at work, who do you have lunch with? These guys get first plance at the guest list: the cute guy in accounts doesn’t (and if he did, why are you still getting married?)
No notorious exes
While most parties thrive with a bit of “will they/won’t they get back together?” drama, it’s a fair bet your partner could do without the stress of dodging drunken toasts and inappropriate touching by their or your ex-partner. Fun for others to watch, though.

If there is anything we should include please contact the Niche Events Stylist and Planners.