In the many years that we have been supplying chair covers throughout the South West we have seen them go from being a luxury item to being an essential. Chair covers can help to create a more classic look or to cover some not so pretty chairs.

We have seen many a debates in regards to chair cover whether they are a necessity or an expense that can be saved and ultimately it really comes down to the style, theme and the chairs. We will always advise what we think its right for you i.e. if you are having chivalry. Lime wash chairs…then it would be a horror to cover them but if the chairs are old or run down then it will be a good idea to cover them especially if the chair do not match your colour theme.

We have added some images for you with and without covers to show where they suit and where they don’t need to be an essential

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We currently stock chair covers in white, black, ivory and supply them in the following counties;  Wiltshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Berkshire, Bristol Bath and Avon